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Support Establishment

Why Is Support Establishment Important?

Every child deserves the support of both parents. Regular and consistent payments of support can lead to better outcomes for children. A child support order determines the amount of child support to be paid, to whom the support will be paid, which parent(s) will be responsible for health insurance, and a cash medical amount to be paid when health insurance is not provided.

When Can Support Be Established?

Child support agencies can establish a support order for parents once paternity has been determined. Child support and medical support orders can be established at no cost to you through your child support agency. Agencies can use an administrative process to schedule parents to appear before an Administrative Hearing Officer for a hearing to determine a support obligation. The hearing officer issues an administrative order, which has the same weight as a court order. Parties have the right to object to the order and request a court hearing. If no objections are filed, the administrative order becomes final and is legally binding. It is important to provide information and attend all hearings.

Agencies may also file cases with the court to establish support in instances where the administrative process has failed, or in cases where the parties are married, but living separate and apart. Agency attorneys may be staff attorneys or prosecutors, and represent the State of Ohio and the best interest of the child.

Child support orders can also be established through a court order from a divorce, dissolution, or other custody and support matter, outside of agency involvement.

How Does Ohio Determine Support?

Ohio uses an Income Shares method, which calculates each parent’s financial share for the support of the child, based on their income and adjustments. This guideline support calculation is set by law and required to be run on every case.

Some factors which are taken into consideration are the incomes of each parent, other children who are entitled to support from each parent, costs of medical insurance, and daycare expenses. Both parents must provide verification of their incomes for the past six months or provide their most recent income tax returns. Each child support order will address medical insurance needs. You will be given the opportunity to provide proof of insurance coverage. If you cover the insurance, be prepared to provide a breakdown of the cost for single coverage and family coverage.

There are some circumstances which would allow the court to deviate from the standard guidelines such as a child’s special needs. The child support agency cannot deviate from the guidelines. Just as every family is unique, so are the factors used for determining child support.

Ohio Child Support Calculator

Where Should Payments Be Sent?

Individual Payers

Acceptable Methods of Payment

Your payment may be in the form of a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. Make checks payable to Ohio CSPC and mail via standard U.S. mail to:

Ohio Child Support Payment Central
P.O. Box 182372
Columbus, OH 43218-2372

Information that must be included with the payments

To ensure prompt and accurate posting to your child support case, please be sure to include the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your social security number (optional)
  • SETS Case Number (10-digit number that begins with a 7)
  • Court Order Number
  • Amount that should be applied to each case (if you have more than one case)

Payments Online

Pay by Checking Account Debit

Payment by checking/savings account debit can be made at http://oh.smartchildsupport.com. There is no charge for making online payments. Online payments can be scheduled as one-time only (non-recurring) or recurring. Funds will be withdrawn on the scheduled payment date. If the date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or bank holiday the funds will be withdrawn the next business day.

Your first payment dare must be at least five (5) business days from the date you register your account. This will allow sufficient time for your bank account information to be verified (prenote). If your account has been previously verified the payment must be scheduled at least three (3) business days prior to it payment date.

Payment by Credit Card

Payment using your credit/debit card can be made at http://oh.smartchildsupport.com or by calling 1-888-965-2676 – Option 5. You may use Discover, MasterCard, Visa, AmericanExpress, China UnionPay, Diners Club International, or JCB to make a child support payment. If you have your credit/debit card linked to an e-wallet account such as Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or WeChat Pay, you can make your payment using these alternate payment options.

NOTE: There is a minimum payment requirement of $1.00. Please allow two (2) to (3) business days from the date the payment was made on the website to be received by Ohio CSPC.

CSEA Walk-In Payment

The Ohio Revised Code provides the county Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) the option to accept walk-in payments from obligors who visit the agency on person. Please call your CSEA to see if they accept walk-in payments. If they do not, please submit payments according to the procedures outlined above. Do not mail checks to your county CSEA.

How do I receive my payments?

Custodial Parents
Effective October 1, 2005, Ohio implemented a law (HB66) requiring a mandatory electronic disbursement program for support payments providing you a faster, simpler, safer way to receive your support payments.

  • No check cashing fees
  • No worries about stolen checks
  • No waiting by the mailbox
  1. Direct Deposit
    With Direct Deposit, your support payments are deposited directly to your account at your financial institution. Your payments will be deposited automatically after the state receives and posts a payment to your case. The statement you receive from your financial institution will provide you with a record of your deposit. Always remember to make sure your payment has been deposited into your account before accessing the funds.
  2. smiONE™ Visa Debit Card
    The Ohio Child Support Debit Card Program provides you with a debit card called the smiONE™ Visa Debit Card to receive and use your support payments. Support payments are credited to your smiONE™ card automatically after the state receives and posts a payment to your case. You do not need a bank account to be enrolled. You can use the card at any place that accepts Visa debit cards . Cash withdrawals from your card can be made at any ATM or bank teller window displaying the Visa brand marks. The smiONE™ Debit Card website contains additional information about this card.

    Ohio smiONE™ Balance and Transfer Information

    Cardholders can access their available balance and transaction history securely at http://www.smionecard.com. All transaction information is displayed immediately in date and time order. Cardholders may also access balance and transaction information by calling Ohio smiONE™ Customer Support at 1-855-279-2744.

    Expiring smiONE™ Visa Debit Cards

    smiONE™ debit cards contain a magnetic stripe that over time can become worn, as can the card itself through regular usage. As such, the smiONE™ cards expire five years after the date they are issued. One month prior to the card’s expiration date, a new card will ?e mailed to you.

To avoid delays in your support payments, and to ensure delivery of reissued smiONE™ cards, please keep your County CSEA informed of your current address. The Valid Thru date on the front of your card is the expiration date.

The Expiring smiONE™ Questions and Answers Reference Guide provides additional information about expiring cards.


Enrollment is simple! Visit http://oh.smartchildsupport.com and follow the instructions to enroll in either direct deposit or smiONE™ debit card. You can also complete the Ohio Child Support Program e-Disbursement Enrollment Form, sign it, attach your voided check or deposit slip, and follow the mailing/faxing instructions.

Child Support Payment Central Links & Resources

Access the Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal at: OCS Customer Service Web Portal.

To make a payment by checking/savings account debit or credit/debit card visit: http://oh.smartchildsupport.com.

To make payments using electronic transmission you register online at:

Determine your smiONE™ card available balance and transaction history by visting: https://smionecard.com or contacting smiONE Customer Support at 855-279-2744.

View the expiring smiONE™ card frequently asked questions and answers at: Expiring smiONE™Visa Debit Cards Q & A.

Access the Ohio Child Support Program e-Disbursement Enrollment Form.