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Review and Adjustment Process

A review and adjustment (commonly known as a modification) is the process by which a child support obligation is reviewed to reflect the current financial situation of both parties. Either party may request a review and adjustment through their local child support enforcement agency (CSEA). The review and adjustment process may take several months to complete. Contact your local CSEA to request an administrative review and adjustment.

When Can A Review Be Requested?

By law, a case automatically qualifies for a review if it has been 36 months (3 years) since the order was established or last reviewed. Other common qualifying reasons for a review include but are not limited to:

  • Thirty percent (30%) change in income or assets of either party
  • Verified disability of either party
  • Either party has become unemployed or laid off due to circumstances beyond their control, and the unemployment or lay off has lasted more than thirty days
  • Either party experiences an increase or decrease in child care or health insurance expenses
  • A party is called to active military service for more than thirty days

To request a review you will be required to fill out an application for child support services if an application is not already on file.

What Happens During A Review?

If your case qualifies for administrative review and adjustment, the CSEA will notify both parties within fifteen (15) days of the request. Both parties will be asked to submit financial and other documentation in order to help the CSEA conduct a fair review. Parties have up to the scheduled date of the review to return the requested information. The review is NOT a hearing and the parties are not required to attend. The results will be mailed to the parties once the review is completed.

What Documents Are Needed For The Review?

Below are some examples of documents the CSEA may request:

  • Pay stubs and/or proof of all salaries, wages and compensation
  • Tax returns with all supporting schedules and documentation
  • Leave and earnings statements for military
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • Birth certificates and/or adoption records for minor biological children residing with you that are NOT part of the order being reviewed
  • Proof of child care expenses for the children of the order
  • Proof of child support received or paid on any other child support cases

What Are The Possible Outcomes Of The Review?

The CSEA may recommend one or more of the following outcomes after the review is completed:

  • Increase in support amount
  • Decrease in support amount
  • Addition of a payment on past due support
  • No change (if change is less than 10% of the current order)

If a change is recommended, the new amount will be effective the first day of the month after the review.

What If I Disagree With The Review Findings?

If you disagree with the review findings, you may request a hearing within fourteen (14) days of the issuance of the recommendation. It is highly recommended that you bring evidence to the hearing that will support your claims.

Check with your local CSEA on the procedures for requesting a hearing in court.

Related Services a CSEA Does Not Provide

Visitation/Custody issues – This is an area that is determined by the court.

Divorce – Any divorce actions, including property settlements, must be filed in court.

Alimony (spousal support) Establishment – The CSEA is not authorized to establish a spousal support order.

Pregnancy – Services cannot be provided to an unborn child.